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UFC 214 Live Stream and why you need to watch

UFC 214 Live Stream is the name of the game. I will be watching this on July 29 because I am excited to see Jon Jones return to fight Cormier again.

Although Jon Jones won the first fight by a very convincing manner he was caught in to lots of troubles lately.

Daniel Cormier on the other hand maintained his desire to be a champion and stayed as a champion by defeating top contenders in the light heavyweight division. This leaves to Jon Jones as the only guy in front of Cormier's path to be considered as the new king of the division.

What Jon Jones did for UFC is so overwhelming. He is a champion, talented, and just a very special fighter. However, he had troubles and he needs to stay fit while aways from the octagon. After all those things, can he still fight like the way he should be?

Cormier might captilized on Jon Jones rustiness and shame on this fight and finally cement his title as the undisputed champion. However, we know Jones and that he is so crafty it would be hard for anyone to really defeat him convincingly.

Can Jones fire the canons in his return or Cormier finds a way to break "the Bones?"

Watch UFC 214 Live Stream here.


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